SLAG Conference Call Summary for June 1, 2011

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SLAG Conference Call Summary for June 1, 2011

Postby kchapman1 » Fri Jun 10, 2011 3:03 pm

SLAG Conference Call: Minutes for June 1, 2011
~15 attendees

1. You will find a good list of changes to be implemented for the 2009 TNI Standard on the TNI website at the following link: ... andard.pdf

2. The official checklist for the TNI Standard is still in draft form and not yet available on the TNI website. You will need to have the ISO version of the TNI Standard in order to get the checklist because of copyright issues. For those labs accredited by New York, do NOT make any changes until the State notifies your lab as to what the implementation date will actually be. There are some PT issues that are not yet resolved.

3. The “Small Lab Handbook” is being edited at this time and the plan is that it will be available before the August TNI Forum.

4. The SLAG group has been asked to have a representative on the Assessment Forum panel that will be discussing how labs can perform Demonstrations of Capability under the new Standard. This session will take place Tuesday, Aug. 16, from 10:30 to noon.

5. Also concerning the August 15-19 TNI/NEMC Forum in Bellevue, WA, There will be a session for Small Lab Advocate Group presentations on Wednesday afternoon . The 1.5 hour block will be time enough for three presentations: (these are just working titles)

a. SLAG Update: Keith Chapman
b. SLAG Wish List: TBA
c. Unveiling of the Small Lab Handbook: TBA

As to the “SLAG Wish List”, the idea is to present those areas that are challenges for Small Labs for which they are looking for help in meeting. It was suggested that we poll the SLAG for suggestions, i.e. A wish list from the small lab perspective….some ideas from previous SLAG calls include:

-Cost/Benefit of correcting onsite assessment findings can be a problem
+ answering findings is a big workload on a small lab
+assessment costs same for large and small labs (KCh is this true?)
+small commercial lab profit margins shrinking
+loss of local labs not because of data quality but because of costs of accreditation

-Determining accreditation costs for each state’s AB is difficult for a lab that is trying to chose an AB
+dealing with multiple AB’s also hard for small lab
+state to state consistency lacking

-Looking for helpful assessors
+ mentoring relationship with AB much appreciated
+adversarial assessors not appreciated

-Dealing with “mountains of paperwork”

-Batching of samples problematic for small labs: don’t run tests as often as a larger lab. Can be a problem when you receive PT samples.

6. The new Standard specifically requires micro labs (in accordance with Standard Methods Section 9020) to test their lab water for Total Organic Carbon, Ammonia, etc. Several suggestions for meeting this requirement were given: mainly to use purchased sterile water which would come with a certificate of analysis that includes TOC, etc. You can purchase from Edge biological, Hardy Diagnostics, IDEXX, etc.

NEXT SLAG Call will (most likely) be on June 29
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