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Ongoing (continuing) DOC

Postby puwmel » Tue Apr 22, 2014 5:07 pm

Is it a requirement to do CDOC's annually for each analyst on each method? The wording in the standard is somewhat confusing in that it only specifies "annually" when talking about using four consecutive LCS's for a CDOC.

V1M4 c) "at least four (4) consecutive laboratory control samples with acceptable levels of precision and accuracy. The laboratory shall determine the acceptable limits for precision and accuracy prior to analysis. The laboratory shall tabulate or be able to readily retrieve four (4) consecutive passing LCSs for each method for each analyst each year;"

The other options for an ODOC do not specify that they should be done annually, for instance...

V1M4 a) "acceptable performance of a blind sample (single blind to the analyst);"
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