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Metals Technical Director

Postby mwilson » Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:44 pm

Honestly, I quite understand that we all want to make sure that laboratory management is qualified for the positions they are in, but I really think that the 24 credit-hour Chemistry requirement should allow an exception in our case. We are a tiny, extremely low-volume lab in a very rural area (there's just me, and that's it) that mostly does residential Total Coliform/E. coli analyses, with maybe 1-3 samples to be tested for metals about every three months or so. First we were told it would be acceptable to have me as the Technical Director for metals. Later we were told Tech. Dir. had to have 24 credits in Chemistry, so we found someone far more than qualified to be designated Supplemental Technical Director for Metals Analysis as a consultant/advisor. We were told a while after that that we couldn't use them either, since they weren't on-site full-time. That has left us with the prospect of being forced to hire another person to essentially do nothing, since as I stated earlier we might get 1-3 samples for metals testing every three months or so. I have 18 credits in Chemistry (all A's except for one B), and I have taken Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Microbiology, Organismic Biology, Calculus, Physics, and more (all A's). In addition, I've been doing the metals testing for four years and four months now, and taking and passing external PT's for the past three years and seven months. I really would think that I've more than demonstrated my ability to do the metals analyses proficiently. What makes things seem even more ironic is that Section 4.1.1.a of the 2003 NELAC Standard says that if I had been called the Technical Director when we originally applied for VELAP/NELAC accreditation that that would have been allowed. I was the only person doing the job at that time, and I've been the only person doing the job the entire time, but I was designed Laboratory Technician then. So, only a technicality is forcing us to either not be able to do metals analyses at all, or to pay to hire someone we don't need who will do essentially nothing at all. I would definitely appreciate it a great deal if we could be granted an exception in this one, limited case. Thank you.
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