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Stationary Source Audit Sample Program (SSASP)

Stationary source testing is a field of environmental monitoring that measures the emissions of air pollutants from stationary sources, such as factories and power plants. To gauge the accuracy and effectiveness of this testing, the EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation (OAR) administers a Stationary Source Audit Program (SSAP) that provides free audit samples to state and local agencies. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing need for such samples, and a number of private providers have emerged. EPA feels it is inappropriate for it to compete with private entities; therefore, in December 2007, the OAR and The NELAC Institute (TNI) initiated discussions to establish what role TNI might have in transitioning the SSAP administration to the private sector.

In August 2008, TNI formed the Stationary Source Audit Sample Expert Committee to develop consensus standards to establish the specifications for a new privatized SSAP. The standards provide for the continuation of the SSAP by addressing the roles and responsibilities of program participants, the manufacture of audit samples, the oversight of audit sample providers, the management of audit sample results, and the establishment of acceptance criteria. Three standards (i.e., for Providers, Provider Accreditors, and Participants) have been adopted by this program. The EPA is expected to withdraw from supplying audit samples in 2010.

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