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Essential Water Analyses Series
Session 3: BOD, COD, TOC

August 9, 2022: 12:00 - 2:00 pm EDT


Course Description:

This four-course series is an overview of analyses commonly performed in a wastewater laboratory. Each session will focus on the “why” we analyze for a particular parameter as well as the “how.” Sessions are designed to be interactive with poll questions to monitor understanding and step by step demonstrations of procedures and calculations.

Series Topics Date
Session 1: Sampling, Safety, Quality Control, pH, fecal coliform, chlorine residual 7/12/22
Session 2: Residues – TSS, TS, TVS, TVSS, TDS 7/26/22
Session 3: BOD, COD, TOC 8/9/22
Session 4: Nutrients – ammonia, TKN, phosphorus, nitrate, nitrite 8/23/22

Expected Learning Outcomes:

Completion of the course will provide attendees with a basic understanding of sampling, reference methods, quality control, and safety.

For each analysis discussed, attendees will know:

  • Wastewater program requirements
  • What the analysis measures and how operators may use analysis results
  • How to perform the method
  • Associated quality control
  • Tips for optimal performance
  • Calculations associated with the method
  • Common issues with method performance and troubleshooting tips

Intended Audience:

This course is designed for Accreditation Bodies, Assessors, Internal Auditors, Quality Managers, Analysts, and Laboratory Managers.


$75 per person, per session, for TNI members
$90 per person, per session, for TNI non-members
$350 per group of 5-10 students at same location, per session, for TNI members
$425 per group of 5-10 students at same location, per session, for TNI non-members

Important: This registration is for SESSION 3 ONLY. Attendance at other sessions of this series requires a separate registration for each session. You may also register for the full series, all four sessions, at a discounted rate of $275/person or $1350/group of 5-10 students at the same location. Click here to register for the full series.

No certificates are automatically provided with this training. A Certificate of Completion (CoC) ($30 per person) or Certificate of Attendance (CoA) ($20 per person) may be purchased during registration or webcast purchase. A passing score of at least 70% must be received on the exam in order to receive CEUs and a CoC. Scores of less than 70% will receive a CoA at no reduced fee. To receive your certificate, contact Paul Junio at [email protected] with date of purchase and date of training completion. See FAQs for additional information.


Start Date:
Tuesday 9th August 2022, 12:00pm EDT

2 hours

CEUs: 0.2

Presented By:

Mary Johnson

About the Presenter:
Mary Johnson, a graduate of Loyola University of Chicago, was the long time Laboratory Manager at Four Rivers Sanitation Authority. She is a past chair of WEF’s Laboratory Practices Committee and currently represents WEF on the Environmental Monitoring Coalition. She is also a member of the Illinois WEA’s Laboratory Committee and holds an Illinois Class I Wastewater Operator Certificate.