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Whole Effluent Toxicity Testing Expert Committee

It is the mission of this committee to update and maintain the whole effluent toxicity testing Standard (TNI Volume 1, Module 7) based upon public comment, to provide technical assistance on issues related to whole effluent toxicity, to develop tools to aid implementation, and to facilitate the implementation of the Standard.

Conference Calls: 3rd Wednesday, 1:00pm - 2:00pm ET

Contact the Committee Chair or Program Administrator to request to participate for these calls.

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Teresa Norberg-King, Chair
Duluth, Minnesota
[email protected]

Stephen Clark, Vice Chair
Pacific EcoRisk
Fairfield, California
[email protected]

Lynn Bradley, Program Administrator
The NELAC Institute
Staunton, Virginia
[email protected]

Beth Biller
Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services
Richmond, Virginia
[email protected]

Thekkekalathil Chandrasekhar
Florida DEP
Tallahassee, Florida
[email protected]

Darrin Greenstein
Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
Costa Mesa, California
[email protected]

Christina Henderson
Bio-Aquatic Testing
Carrollton, Texas
[email protected]

Katie Payne
Enthalpy Analytical
San Diego, California
[email protected]

Lyndsay Thomas
Coastal Bioanalysts Inc.
Gloucester, Virginia
[email protected]

Caitie Van Sciver
New Jersey DEP
Trenton, New Jersey
[email protected]

Gretchen Welfinger
Albany, New York
[email protected]

Elizabeth West
Retired from LDEQ LELAP
Bossier City, Louisiana
[email protected]