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The NELAC Institute operates the following programs:

TNI's four core programs (CSDP, NEFAP, NELAP, and PTP) are each managed by an Executive Committee (EC) as depicted in the organizational chart below.  In 2017, TNI formed the TNI Non-governmental Accreditation Body Recognition Committee (TNRC) who will take on the function of recognizing NGABs.

TNI Organization Chart Field ActivitiesWhole Effluent Toxicity TestingSSASRadiochemistryMicrobiologyMicrobiology Expert CommitteeRadiochemistry Expert Committee Consensus Standards Development Program (CSDP) National Environmental Field Activities Program (NEFAP) Administration & Support Information Technology Committee Laboratory Proficiency Testing Committee Board of Directors Consensus Standards Development Executive Committee NEFAP Executive Committee Field Activities Committee NELAP Accreditation Council Laboratory Quality Systems National Environmental Proficiency Testing Program (NEPTP) Executive Director & Staff Advocacy Committee Stationary Source Audit Sample Expert Committee Finance Committee Chemistry Laboratory Accreditation Body Committee Laboratory Accreditation System Executive Committee Nominating Committee Asbestos PT Executive Committee Policy Committee Chemistry Expert Committee National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP)

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Each program has the authority to establish policies and procedures for the program, make decisions, and operate somewhat independently, with the following restrictions:

  • All policies and procedures will be reviewed by the Policy Committee to ensure policies from different programs are not in conflict with each other.
  • All policies and procedures will be reviewed by the Board of Directors to ensure the policy does not create a program that cannot be funded or puts the organization at risk.
  • The reviews above will be used to provide feedback to the program, and as appropriate, each program will address any issues raised by the Policy committee and the Board of Directors before implementing the policy.
  • Each core program will provide an annual report to the Board of Directors as to progress achieved towards the goal of the program. The Board of Directors will provide feedback to the program for future efforts.
  • Each core program will establish strategic goals and objectives that will be reviewed by the Board of Directors to ensure the goals and objectives are aligned with TNI’s mission.
The NELAC Institute: Governance and Operation provides more information about TNI's programs.