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Standards Interpretation

TNI has established an avenue for resolution of questions submitted electronically on interpretation of the 2003 NELAC Standard and the 2009 and 2016 TNI Standards. The method for submittal is to complete the form below. Use of this entry form ensures that a question is automatically accepted, cataloged and emailed to the NELAP Accreditation Council Chair, the LAS Executive Committee Chair and the TNI Program Administrator for review. A consensus of these three individuals shall determine who oversees the final disposition of the question. Timelines are defined for the NELAP Accreditation Council Chair and LAS Executive Committee Chair to ensure a timely response to the question. Publication of the consensus resolution is then made to the affected parties via email and on the TNI web site.

Please remember that any disputes between a laboratory and their AB regarding accreditation are to be handled through the appropriate appeals process established by applicable state laws and regulations.  Any SIR submission that originates with such a dispute may be rejected.

Your question should be clearly stated and should meet the following criteria:

  1. contains only one question;
  2. applies directly and clearly to a cited section of the Standard;
  3. can be understood without supposition;
  4. is compelling, that the language used in the Standard(s) section cited is not clear or might have more than one interpretation;
  5. is not a “how to” question or a request for a method interpretation.

Where possible, the question should be framed in a manner that solicits a “Yes” or “No” response. TNI reserves the right to edit submissions to remove names or inappropriate language.

If the question identifies a conflict within the Standard between two or more sections of the Standard, interpretation will not provide a resolution. The LAS EC shall facilitate addressing the conflict through other avenues available within TNI.

Please use this form to submit a request for standard interpretation to TNI.