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TNI's New Quality System for Radiochemical Testing


The Radiochemistry Expert Committee has begun work on an update to the Radiochemistry Module of the TNI Standard (Volume 1, Module 6). The committee has scheduled this webinar to provide information on planned changes and to receive feedback from stakeholders. Please provide response to information shared and comment on changes you would like to see made in the standard.


Background and general goals

1.1 Introduction

1.2 Scope

1.3 Terms and Definitions

1.3.1 Additional Terms and Definitions

1.3.2 Exclusions and Exceptions

1.4 Method Selection

1.5 Validation of Methods

1.6 Demonstration of Capability (DOC)

1.7 Technical Requirements

1.7.1 Instrument Calibration

1.7.2 Quality Control for Radiochemistry

1.7.3 Data Acceptance / Rejection Criteria

1.7.4 Sample Handling

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Start Date:
Thursday 14th November 2013, 1:00pm

1 hour

Presented By:

TNI Radiochemistry Expert Committee

About the Presenter:
The mission of this committee is to maintain the radiochemistry standard (TNI Environmental Sector Volume 1, Module 6) based on public input; to provide technical assistance on issues related to radiochemistry; and, to develop tools that facilitate the implementation of the standard.