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Standard Interpretation

Standard: 2009 TNI
Section: V1M1, Section 6.1 (b) and V1M2 8.2 (c)


There is a discrepancy between these two sections. V1M1 6.1 b) says 15 days between analysis dates for successive PTs for corrective action.

V2M2 8.2 c) still uses the closing date of the previous study


(PT Expert Committee and NELAP AC, 10-4-14)

There was an oversight in the V2M2 section 8.2(c) requirements. Section V2M2 5.1.4 refers to time between analysis dates for Initial Accreditation and Section V2M2 5.2.1 refers to time between analysis dates for Continuing Accreditation.

PTs used for corrective action are viewed the same as those for continuing accreditation. For consistency within the PT program, the language that is in V1M1 6.1b is the TNI 2009 requirement and should be utilized by the ABs as the requirement for V2M2 section 8.2(c).