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Standard Interpretation

Standard: 2009 TNI
Section: V2M1, Section 8.2.1


The section states, "the accreditation body shall make publicly available information about the current status of the accreditations that it has granted to CAB's". The section does not distinguish between primary accreditation bodies and secondary accreditation bodies. 2009 TNI V2M2 Section 4.1.1.e states, "the primary accreditation body shall ensure the laboratory meets the proficiency testing requirements for initial and continued accreditation as specified in this Standard. In this capacity the primary AB shall have procedures in place to:"...."maintain the current accreditation status of laboratories in their program in the National Database, when the database is established". I would appreciate an interpretation regarding the responsibility of the secondary accreditation body to use or not to use the National Database also known as the Laboratory Accreditation Management System (LAMS) to provide information about the laboratories granted secondary accreditation.


V2M1 is silent in regard to requirements for any Accreditation Body to use or update the national database, also known as the Laboratory Accreditation Management System or LAMS.

The language in V2M2 Section 4.1.1, subclause e) includes a requirement for the Primary AB to maintain the national database current but is silent about secondary accreditations.

Thus, there is no requirement in either the 2009 or the 2016 Standard for ABs to report secondary accreditations into LAMS.